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Painter, Poet, Designer, a Cook and an Artist by Heart...

In 1982, Jhun won another Gold medal in one of the major competition sponsored by the Rotary Club of San Pablo City – the “On-the-spot at the park” – during which he painted the statue of Dr. Jose Rizal at the main plaza of the city besting the city’s talented artists. As an architecture college student, he further honed his talent in arts. He was recognized with his artistic talent in color rendering and illustrations of buildings and designs. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 1989.

Jhun met Judy Mercado Romero in 1989 while working as graphic artist in Makati through a friend and officemate – Noemi. After a year of working in Bahrain, he eventually married her in 1991. The couple decided to stay in Bahrain, where their two sons were born. The eldest, Joshuanimrod, was born in 1992 followed by Janbonjov in 1993. They spent seven and half years in Bahrain and migrate to Toronto, Canada in 1997. Their youngest son, Jonray was born in 2000 in their new country.

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